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Studio Sessions

An In-Person or Video Consultation precedes all experiences (Sessions). Except Classes.

* If you have your own Hair & Makeup Vendor, or if you do not require these services, your experience (session) will be reduced by $180

Maximum Steam Sessions: We offer primarily digital images. Maximum Steam Newbie session - $1300, does include Makeup Artistry the fee includes our Steamy 10 Digital Images. Maximum Steam Plus session fee- $1450, includes our Steamy 10 Digital Images, does include Makeup Artistry. Upgrades to include a greater number of digital images, or an entire Collection are available. We also offer Wall Art in varying sizes, styles and media.

Unlike some other Artists, we do not Outsource our editing and retouching. We retouch the Art from your Session in-house, and retain control of all aspects of the Creation of our Art to present a Unique Collection of finished Images. 

Payment plans

A maximum of 4 payments preceding or following your session can be arranged. Plans that precede the session are popular with Brides who want to shoot their session as close to their wedding date as possible. ** No images, Materials or Art Orders are released until your account is paid in full **. All sales are final.

We primarily sell digital images and in-house Fine Art Prints. Our Collections include a specified number of digital images. Other options are available. A typical Client Investment ranges from $1300 - $4200.

** All session must be scheduled online. No Exceptions. ** Session fees are non-refundable. All sales are final.