Selecting Lingerie/Clothing and Accessories for your shoot


 I certainly have Clients who arrive for their Appointment with a suitcase of goodies, but even then, they have in mind 3 or 4 sets, or items, that absolutely fit perfectly … and I often end up working primarily with those. But take risk. Finding items that fit your style and body-type is really important. When you know you Look Good … you Feel Good!

Below are suggestions:

  • Get Measured

    Most good Department Stores and Lingerie retailers have staff trained in measuring for a good fit. Many of us wear the wrong size clothing, let alone lingerie! It’s worth taking some time to get re-measured, especially if you intend to treat yourself to some new lingerie. Remember - you don’t have to buy from the Retailer who measures you!

  • Set Your Budget 

    Lingerie can be expensive! Many Clients opt to bring one or two Special items, and then have fun choosing some more affordable options. The important thing is that you LOVE what you choose, that it fits well, and that you can’t wait to rock it in the Studio!

  • Not All Styles work for All Bodies and Body Types

    It’s likely that for some of your Session you will be in a reclined or laying down pose. If you have generous boobage and are wearing something with no support … you know where I’m going with that! Make sure you bring a variety of items, with appropriate support, so we can switch it up during your session, and still get those beautiful reclined shots! Keep in mind we have many Items at our studio.

  • Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

    It is normal to feel a little apprehensive before your Shoot, but that goes away very quickly. Sometimes Clients are having such a Great Time, they wish they had stepped out of their comfort zone more! Consider having a Corset made (just be mindful of the lead time); order some fun pasties (available in different price ranges from EtsyAmazon and many Lingerie brands). Metal body chains, and lingerie pieces made from metal are also a fun addition to your session. We also have a selection of Jewelry, including Body Jewelry.

  • Don’t forget Hosiery!


  • You Don’t Have To Bring Lingerie

    There is a lot to be said for just how sexy a work shirt can be, or an item of your Partner’s clothing (a tie, a cami, a cozy sweater, etc). Some Clients just want to do Fine Art Nudes! we have a great selections of items in studio.

  •  Shoes

    Shoes! Boots! Bring them! If you have a brand of shoe that has a specific feature, for example, Christian Louboutin with the colored soles … it is sometimes difficult to remove signs of wear from images (but we will do our best!).

  • Get Inspired

There are plenty of online resources to inspire you!

  • We’ve Got Your Back

    Steam Powered Photography has a Studio Closet packed full of fun stuff for those moments when you just want to let loose! Items that are intended to be worn again are professionally laundered; single use items may be purchased for as little as $20 … and go home with you! We want your experience to be the Best!

    Please keep in mind we have a large variety of clothing to select from, literally hundreds of articles of clothing, props and accessories.

See our Blog Post and Listing for some suggestions and information.

Steam Powered Photography is a Body-Positive Studio that welcomes all Genders, all Identities and Clients aged 21-101 Payment plans available. eGift cards in any denomination are available.