Glamour and Fashion Photography

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Glamour and Fashion Photography

Glamour and Fashion Photography are similar, but in order to really define and discuss Glamour and Fashion we should include Boudoir Photography. The phrase Fashion Photography usually encompasses Commercial Photography. Fashion Photography involves selling a product, hence Commercial Photography, which can be almost anything, from a hair or skin products to clothing or jewelry, handbags, etc. How Fashion and Glamour are similar is by using Glamour to sell a product. Glamour photography is Fashion Photography without the selling of a product. Glamour and Beauty are sometimes used interchangeably. I feel Glamour is like saying "I Am Beautiful out loud!" and Boudoir is like saying "I am Beautiful and Sexy!" I am just pointing out the similarities between Fashion, Glamour, Beauty, and Boudoir Photography. 

Hopefully when you hear these forms of Photography being discussed, you have a better understanding of the meanings. 

The Photography Team


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