Something about Boudoir

November 01, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

                      November is here, Holiday Season is upon us. Ladies are thinking what do I get myself this year? What do i get my boyfriend this year? Would it be to weird to get my husband a Boudoir Photoshoot of me? Well Boudoir is really for all. The name "BOUDOIR" brings to mind sexy, Dirty pictures. But Boudoir pictures can be as simple as Pictures of You in a relaxed atmosphere. They could be Glamor type of pictures, and yes they can be 'Salaciously Innocent' as our motto states. The decision to have a Boudoir Shoot done ultimately is really for yourself. So many women are ashamed to get a Boudoir Shoot of themselves. Some of what I have heard; "I am too old", "I am not sexy", "That's for single women", I don't have the body for it", "I am fat". Boudoir is for All women (and men also couples) but that's for another blog post! Boudoir is for Victorian women(plus size), skinny women, mature and young. Boudoir photographers have photographed breast cancer patients, amputees, young, mature, big breast, small breast, long hair, short hair, with makeup, with no makeup, people with scars, women who had babies, and women who have not.

If your thinking about having a Boudoir Shoot done or have any questions please feel free to talk with me. you can call or text or even email. Sometimes a one on one in person works best. It does not cost anything to ask questions. I am open and honest, just how I roll. Oh and please ask any question, all questions and concerns our valid. 

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