Top 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Boudoir Photography

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Top 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Boudoir Photography

1.Do I have to get completely nude?
    This is the number 1 question we get. The word Boudoir means a woman’s bedroom or private room. In photography terms it’s to create an intimate setting for classy and romantic or sexy images. Our job at Steam Power Photography is to make clients completely comfortable. Boudoir is not considered nude photography. It is to make woman feel beautiful and confident in themselves. We have clients that want everything from 1960s, boudoir to Modern Boudoir with elements of Nudity. Really depends on your comfort level.
2.Do I need to bring anything?
     Steam Power Photography we will provide everything you will need for your shoot if you so desire. We have a wide selection of lingerie, bra and panties sets, and corsets. Along with all our props from feathered Angel wings and feather boas to many others. We have everything in all sizes. But you can still bring anything you would like. A lot of women like to bring something of their significant others to wear.

3.Do you do hair and makeup?
    We do hair and makeup right here in the studio. Most of our Boudoir packages come with makeup. But it is an option you do not have to have your makeup done. Makeup is something we highly recommend getting done by a professional if you are doing a Boudoir shoot. With photography, makeup does need to go on a little heavier than ever day wear. That’s why most of the packages come with it. So its one less thing you as the client has to worry about it. Plus it also gives us the opportunity to sit with you for a little bit before you shoot and get to know you. We always want our clients to feel confident and sexy.

4.How many outfit changes do I get?
    All our Boudoir packages are different. The Diva’s Experience package comes with unlimited outfit changes. This is the best package without limitations. The Premium Pro Diva Experience comes with four outfit changes. Premium Diva comes with three outfit changes. Diva is two outfit changes. Outfit changes are always something that can be discussed with the photographer. We are very flexible with outfit changes.

5.Will my pictures be private? 
    Your session and your pictures will be 100% private. A lot of women ask if we share their images on our website? Pictures are NEVER shared without permission. Once your photos are finished with editing and retouching they will be put in an online gallery that requires a password. No one will have the password but you. If you are comfortable and would like to allow use to use your photos on our website we would be more then happy to post your Images. But you will have the final say in what pictures are used and posted.  

6. Who gets Boudoir Photography? Ladies 18+, most are between 23 and 65. Nowadays its, Women, Men, Couples, Same sex couples. Some get Boudoir done for their significant other. Some for themselves. Steam Powered Photography shoots Classic, Modern, Bridal, Steampunk, and Cosplay.



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