Thank you so much for visiting our website. We pride ourselves on being The Photo Studio for women wishing to empower themselves. We are a Body Positive Studio. We consider ourselves Organic photographers. I believe in the power of Laughter and humor, especially in myself. I am laid back and easy to talk to kind of person. Our style is unique and Eclectic focusing on capturing your special personality with our photography.  We spend our time experiencing as much as we can from the Steampunk World's Faire where we dress up like Victorian Lords and Ladies to ComiCon. As you can tell, we love to dress up and be part of the event! We have the Knowledge, the Equipment and the Experience to capture your true self!

I have been photographer for over 18 years, bringing a special viewpoint of an event\session through my lenses.  I travel extensively so I have a deep appreciation for different cultures and types of personalities I encounter around the country and the world.  I enjoy meeting people and are so blessed that my chosen career allows me the ability to meet such interesting people and be a part of your special event\session where I bring out the beauty you already possess!